Welcome to Kipushi, a town located in the Haut-Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The town is situated just 35 km southwest of the bustling city of Lubumbashi and is located close to the border with Zambia, at an altitude of 1329 meters (4363 feet). Kipushi is known for its thriving mining industry, with copper, lead, and zinc being the primary minerals extracted from the Kipushi Mine (formerly known as Prince Léopold Mine).

Kipushi has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen: Cwa), characterized by hot summers and mild winters. Visitors who come during the rainy season (October to April) can expect higher levels of rainfall, while those who arrive during the dry season (May to September) can enjoy sunny days with cooler temperatures.

The Kipushi Mine is the town’s main attraction, drawing in visitors from around the world who are interested in the history and production of copper, lead, and zinc. The ore body is estimated to have contained 70 million tonnes of ore, with an average of 4.8% Cu, 8.8% Zn, and 0.5% Pb. From 1925 to 1986, the mine produced 3.8 million tonnes of copper, 5.9 million tonnes of zinc, 0.4 million tonnes of lead, 45,000 tonnes of cadmium, and 120 tonnes of germanium.

In addition to its mining industry, Kipushi is also part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sakania-Kipushi. Visitors who are interested in religion or history can explore the local churches and learn about the town’s connection to the Catholic Church.

Kipushi is also home to a few notable residents, including Ilunga Mande Zatara (an Olympic marathon runner for DR Congo) and Mulumba Lukoji (former Prime Minister of DR Congo).

Whether you’re interested in mining, history, or religion, Kipushi has something to offer every type of traveler. Come explore this fascinating town and learn about the unique culture and history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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