Welcome to Bełchatów, a city located in central Poland with a population of over 55,000 inhabitants as of December 2021. Despite being a smaller city, Bełchatów has an important role in the energy sector, as it is home to the largest coal-fueled power plant in Europe and one of the largest in the world, the Elektrownia Bełchatów. This power plant produces 27-28 TWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to approximately 20% of the total power generation in Poland. In addition, the coal mine and electricity plants directly employ 8,000 people.

When it comes to districts, one municipal division of Bełchatów comprises several housing estates, including the Budowlanych housing estate located in the central part of the town. This estate is close to various attractions such as the Kultura Cinema, the Municipal Cultural Center, Town Hall, and the church. Moreover, the estate is situated near the Rakówka river and the Olszewski Park. Other municipal divisions of Bełchatów include Dobrzelów District, Grocholice, and several housing estates.

If you are a foodie, then you must try the officially protected traditional food of Bełchatów, wyborowa krówka bełchatowska, a local type of krówka, traditional Polish candy.

Sports enthusiasts will be excited to know that Bełchatów has two notable sports teams. The first one is Skra Bełchatów, the men’s volleyball team playing in the Polish top division, PlusLiga. They have won the Polish Championship nine times and the Polish Cup seven times. The second team is GKS Bełchatów, the men’s football team playing in the lower divisions, which has also played in Ekstraklasa, the top division in the past.

Bełchatów is twinned with several cities around the world; however, it suspended its partnership with the Russian city of Sovetsk in February 2022 as a reaction to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

To sum up, Bełchatów has a rich history, delicious food, important energy infrastructure, and exciting sports teams. Don’t hesitate to visit this charming city in central Poland and discover all that it has to offer.

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