Welcome to Sungurlu, a charming town located in the Çorum Province of the Black Sea Region of Turkey. Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors, Sungurlu boasts a rich history, delicious local cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you are passing through on your way to Samsun or looking for a unique destination off the beaten path, Sungurlu has something for everyone.

One of the town’s most popular attractions is its famous roasted chickpeas, or leblebi, which travelers often stop to enjoy on their journey from Ankara to Samsun. But there is much more to Sungurlu than just a tasty snack. The town is home to 17 quarters, each with its own unique charm and character. From the bustling Bahçelievler to the peaceful Yenidoğan, there is something for everyone in Sungurlu.

Sungurlu has a rich and varied history, having been settled by Hittites, Assyrians, Phrygians, Cimmerians, Alexander the Great, Galatians, Ancient Romans, and Pontic Greeks. Following the defeat of Byzantium by the Turks at the battle of Malazgirt in 1071, the area was settled by Danishmend lords. Sungurlu formerly was a village in Yozgat District of Sivas Province of Ottoman Empire. In the early 20th century, there were 1275 Armenians living in the village, engaged in crafts, art and agriculture. Sadly, the Armenians of the village were massacred or dislocated during the Armenian genocide.

Today, Sungurlu is known for its thriving sock manufacturing industry, with many of Turkey’s leading sock manufacturers based in the town. Visitors can also admire the town’s historic clock tower, built in 1891, or take in the stunning views from Hüseyindede Tepe. No matter what your interests, Sungurlu is a fascinating and unique destination that is not to be missed. Come and discover the charm of Sungurlu for yourself!

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