Welcome to Musiri, a beautiful municipality located in the Tiruchirappalli district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This charming town is named after a Chola king Musukundan and has a rich history and culture waiting to be discovered by travelers. With an average elevation of 82 meters (269 feet) above sea level, Musiri is a peaceful and serene destination that offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One of the main attractions of Musiri is its agriculture-based economy. The town is situated on the northern bank of Kaveri river and has a broad width of more than 1km. The crops include paddy, sugar cane, banana, and vegetables, and the locals are skilled in weaving Korai grass (Reed) mat/Chatai mat. Travelers can witness the agricultural heritage of the town by visiting the fields and interacting with the locals.

Musiri is home to a diverse population of 27,941 people, with males and females constituting 50% each. The town boasts an average literacy rate of 75%, with male literacy at 80% and female literacy at 69%. Musiri is also known for its vibrant political scene, with the town serving as a separate assembly constituency falling under Perambalur (Lok Sabha constituency).

For travelers wanting to explore the town, Musiri is connected to Kulithalai town by a 1.45-kilometre-long (0.90 mi) bridge across the Kaveri river, making it easily accessible by road. The town is perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat and a glimpse into the rich history and culture of India. We invite you to visit Musiri and experience the charm and tranquility of this hidden gem in Tamil Nadu!

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