Welcome to Kuje, a bustling local government area in the Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria. With an area of 1,644 km² and a population of 97,367 at the 2006 census, Kuje has rapidly expanded due to its proximity to Abuja and the removal of informal settlements along the airport road. Despite being a busy market city with roadside stores selling a variety of goods including pharmaceuticals, provisions, building materials, ironmongery, tools, phone cards, and music CDs, Kuje has managed to maintain its charm and traditional way of life. Visitors can experience the colorful market held every 4 days, which is filled with stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, provisions, household goods, fabric, shoes, clothing, smoked fish, and even posters displaying European footballers pictured alongside their houses, wives, and cars. Kuje is also home to several state and private schools, including the Government Secondary School, Kuje Science Primary School, the Capital Science Academy, DFGS Glorious Shining Star Academy, Nigeria-Ghana International College, and Aflon Digital Academy. If you’re planning a trip to Nigeria, make sure to add Kuje to your list of must-visit destinations!

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