Kisumu (kee-SOO-moo) is a dynamic and thriving city located on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. As the third-largest city in the country, Kisumu boasts a population of over 600,000 people within its city limits, making it an important political, industrial, and commercial center. The city is also renowned as an intellectual hub, with a high number of PhDs per capita. Kisumu is currently undergoing a massive urban rejuvenation project that includes modernizing the lakefront, decongesting main streets, and making the area more pedestrian-friendly. Culturally, Kisumu is the heart of the Luo people of East Africa, and it was the most prominent urban center in the pre-colonial, colonial, and modern eras for natives of the Kavirondo region. The city serves as the capital of Kisumu County and is an essential link in the trade route between Lake Victoria and Mombasa due to its water and rail connections. Kisumu International Airport offers regular flights to Nairobi and other neighboring cities such as Mombasa. According to the United Nations, Kisumu is now recognized as a key city and a Millennium City, the first of its kind in the world and in East Africa. With its moderate temperatures, stunning lakeside location, and rich cultural heritage, Kisumu is a must-visit destination for any traveler exploring Kenya.

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