Welcome to Akhmim, a city in the Sohag Governorate of Upper Egypt. Known as Panopolis in ancient times and located on the east bank of the Nile, Akhmim is a city rich in history and culture. From exploring its ancient ruins to experiencing its modern-day markets and delicious cuisine, there is something for everyone in Akhmim.

Akhmim was once the capital of the ninth (Chemmite) nome of Upper Egypt and was a center for commerce and religion. The city was home to the worship of Min, the strong Horus, and the temple dedicated to Perseus. Today, little remains of the ancient city, but visitors can still explore the extensive cemeteries and the destroyed corner of a Greco-Roman period temple with colossal statues of Ramesses II and Meritamen.

In the Christian Coptic era, Akhmim was a center for monasteries and numerous Christian manuscripts have been discovered in excavations. The extensive cemeteries of ancient Akhmim are yet to be fully explored.

The modern city of Akhmim is the largest town on the east side of the Nile in Upper Egypt. Visitors can experience the weekly market and the manufacturing of cotton goods, notably the blue shirts and check shawls with silk fringes worn by the poorer classes of Egypt. The Monastery of the Martyrs is located about 6 km northeast of the city and there are several mosques and two Coptic churches.

Akhmim is located in a hot desert climate and can be visited year-round. The city is easily accessible by railway communication with Cairo and Aswan on the west bank of the Nile opposite of Akhmim.

Come and experience the rich history and culture of Akhmim, a truly unique destination in Upper Egypt.

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