Welcome to Samarkand, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia, located in southeastern Uzbekistan. With evidence of human activity dating back to the late Paleolithic Era, Samarkand has a rich history as a center of Sogdian civilization, a capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire, and a conquered city of Alexander the Great. This vibrant city prospered from its location on the Silk Road between China, Persia, and Europe and was one of the largest cities in Central Asia. Today, Samarkand is known for its Islamic scholarly study and the birthplace of the Timurid Renaissance. The city is home to numerous historical monuments, including the Gur-e Amir mausoleum, the Bibi-Khanym Mosque, and the Registan square, which was the city’s ancient center. Samarkand is also a center of ancient crafts such as embroidery, goldwork, silk weaving, copper engraving, ceramics, wood carving, and wood painting. The city has two parts: the old city, which includes historical monuments, shops, and old private houses, and the new city, which includes administrative buildings, cultural centers, and educational institutions. In 2001, UNESCO added Samarkand to its World Heritage List as Samarkand – Crossroads of Cultures. Come and explore this stunning city and its rich cultural and historical heritage!

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