Welcome to Canoinhas, a beautiful municipality located in the north plateau of the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. With a population of over 54,000 inhabitants, Canoinhas is known worldwide as the world capital of Erva Mate, a herb used in a traditional drink called chimarrao. The city’s economy primarily depends on agriculture and logging, and the herb Ilex Paraguariensis has been a main export of the region for quite some time. Canoinhas is also home to a large population of German-Brazilians, with some of the best-known families being the Kellners, the Fucks, the Wolffs, among others.

Francisco de Paula Pereira is known to be the founder of the town, and it was a popular stop for immigrants from Parana looking for the famous Erva Mate.

Things to do:
1. Visit the Erva Mate Museum – Learn about the history and production of the famous herb at this museum.
2. Explore the Natural Park of the Araucarias – This park is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the endangered Brazilian Araucaria tree.
3. Take a Chimarrao Tour – Experience the traditional drink of the region and learn about its cultural significance.
4. Visit the Municipal Market – Sample local produce and crafts at this bustling market.
5. Attend the Erva Mate Festival – Held annually in February, this festival celebrates the culture and history of the region’s most famous export.

Twin towns – sister cities:
Canoinhas is twinned with Sterling, United States.

Come and experience the rich culture and natural beauty of Canoinhas, Brazil!

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